Friday, November 20, 2009

Vacation TIME

I cannot wait for vacation. Mine starts at 9:16 on monday morning- right after math. Going back to my place for some archery doe-only time. Then probly take my dog out for small game. Then back in the stand till dark. Tuesday and wednesday im going up to the gamelands past Cabelas with my buddys to hunt bear. Success is not expected as there are not tooo tooo many around the area but its just nice to be out in the woods with high school pals to catch up on the latest shit. So if you havent already noticed, hunting is my life. That is how i vacation. Anywhere we as a family go we find out if there are any seasons open for hunting or fishing. My fam is headed out to Pittsburgh for thanksgiving to visit relatives. Then its back to Berks county for the first day of Rifle. I believe im taking a personal day just for the occasion. Gotta love it

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  1. I like how you have the start of the break figured out to the min. The first day of day rifle really should be a school holiday, hunting is quite prevalent among the students here.