Friday, November 20, 2009

Good news

So i was saying earlier that everywhere we go we try to hunt or fish. Well.. Just talking to my parents and they are looking at a trip in two years to Hawaii*. we've never been there so it should be a great time. We normally dont go to touristy places like that to just lay around. We go to do things outside like fishing, hunting and stuff. I've been to Maine, Quebec, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and Alaska. We dont mess around and sit on the beach to get burned. This is no different. the first thing my dad researched is game to hunt. They are called Axis deer and theres a crapload of them on one of the islands. The reason they let people hunt them is because.. well.. its an island. theres only so much food and space for them and they easily get out of control. to the point that there is literally no food for any of them. Well im gonna do my part to manage and conserve the wild resources the best i can.

Vacation TIME

I cannot wait for vacation. Mine starts at 9:16 on monday morning- right after math. Going back to my place for some archery doe-only time. Then probly take my dog out for small game. Then back in the stand till dark. Tuesday and wednesday im going up to the gamelands past Cabelas with my buddys to hunt bear. Success is not expected as there are not tooo tooo many around the area but its just nice to be out in the woods with high school pals to catch up on the latest shit. So if you havent already noticed, hunting is my life. That is how i vacation. Anywhere we as a family go we find out if there are any seasons open for hunting or fishing. My fam is headed out to Pittsburgh for thanksgiving to visit relatives. Then its back to Berks county for the first day of Rifle. I believe im taking a personal day just for the occasion. Gotta love it

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Last day of buck(archery)

Another Year... No Deer. So ive been going home every weekend so i could hopefully get a deer with the bow. I figure i went out at least 25 different days. I cant complain, ive seen deer almost everytime, just not in range or too small. Ive come really close to a bunch of deer-a six point, seven point, little bucks, and a non-typical 10-13 point( couldnt tell how many points he had cuz they shot out all over his head). That last one was a very cool deer and a great expierence. I went out saturday in the afternoon and waited patiently, but i was very anxious subconciously. It was coming down to the wire on the final day of the archery season. As it got darker, i saw some deer moving in the distance. they didnot come in. Then right before quiting time a bunch of deer were chasing each other and snorting and bucking about 8o yards from my stand. I stood, waiting for an opportunity. I knew that one of them was a buck since they were chasing each other and its their breeding season. No luck. they took off in the distance and the evening came to a close. Yea well, thats why they call it hunting and not shooting. I had a lot off great experiences this year and some close calls. Rifle starts monday after thanksgiving so maybe later.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

pain in my ass

So im trying to stay ahead of the game by getting my schedule together now. I got some Ag classes that were not AP that transfer (or supposed to transfer) Del Val. I sent the paper work in over the summer to the registrar, thinking how could they possibly EFF this up. Well they found a way beleive it or not. Now this paper that says everything about my classes and transfer credits is on DEL VAL letterhead. Thats because they sent it to me, not the other way around. Then i go to the office to check and make sure everythings good and suddenly theres a problem! Since then Ive been there four other times and just today they realized theyre a bunch of dipwads. Anyway, I feel much better now. Im looking forward to Thanksgiving break.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

This weekend

Since i worked all the time in high school, i never REALLY got to experience multiple Crazy-ass parties in the same weekend. Well now i did. Halloween is just another excuse to get hammered and ive got no problem with that. Friday Night was pretty good. I went to a small party with some kids from high school near Kutztown University. Them farm boys sure can handle their share i ll tell you that much. I was driving home so none for me. It was just a straighup good time with people i havent seen in a while. Saturday was a different story. There were at least 100 to 150 people there and all ive got to say is WOW. Ive seen some crazy shit but this probably tops the list. Anyway, there was a kid there who looked exactly like Billy Mays, he even brought Oxyclean with him. Ya know, just in case someone spilled something. This guy was legit. He even sounded like him, it was almost scary.

Earlier on Saturday in the morning i went out hunting. I was sitting there for about a half hour when i see a big deer coming towards me with his nose to the ground, smelling. This tells me its a buck because right now they are in their breeding season (rut), and he was smelling for does in estrus. He was still far away and i could just see a very small set of antlers. There is an antler restriction in Pa that is Three points on one side. Anything smaller cannot be harvested. This is to ensure that the deer that are taken are mature. He came closer and i kept looking at his antlers to see what he was. When i looked more closely, all i saw where points. I couldnt tell how many but estimated about thirteen. Even though his antlers did not have mass, he had points shooting out all over the place. A deer like this is termed non-typical, because the antlers do not grow relatively symetrical. Ive never seen a deer like this while i was hunting so it was a very cool experience. I could tell by his size that he was a mature deer. I had a doe decoy out in front of me to try to bring deer in closer. It worked, the buck saw it and instantly came over to it. He touched it with his nose and realized something wasnt right(because its made of plastic) but he hung around the area for a little bit. He stood about eight yards away from me(thats pretty freaking close). I was planning on taking a shot, but he didnt turn broadside for me. When hunting, it is crucial to make a clean shot for the welfare of the animal. If i tried to move he would have spotted me and took off. so i sat there and watched him walk away. This hunt was a great experience for me. hunting really lets you experience nature up close and personal. Every hunt i go on is a humbling experience. I really feel that a successful hunt is all about the thrill and not about the kill.