Sunday, November 15, 2009

Last day of buck(archery)

Another Year... No Deer. So ive been going home every weekend so i could hopefully get a deer with the bow. I figure i went out at least 25 different days. I cant complain, ive seen deer almost everytime, just not in range or too small. Ive come really close to a bunch of deer-a six point, seven point, little bucks, and a non-typical 10-13 point( couldnt tell how many points he had cuz they shot out all over his head). That last one was a very cool deer and a great expierence. I went out saturday in the afternoon and waited patiently, but i was very anxious subconciously. It was coming down to the wire on the final day of the archery season. As it got darker, i saw some deer moving in the distance. they didnot come in. Then right before quiting time a bunch of deer were chasing each other and snorting and bucking about 8o yards from my stand. I stood, waiting for an opportunity. I knew that one of them was a buck since they were chasing each other and its their breeding season. No luck. they took off in the distance and the evening came to a close. Yea well, thats why they call it hunting and not shooting. I had a lot off great experiences this year and some close calls. Rifle starts monday after thanksgiving so maybe later.

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  1. good luck with rifle, the guys in my family are currently in N.Carolina hunting on my gparents property and my cousin got his first deer!