Friday, November 20, 2009

Good news

So i was saying earlier that everywhere we go we try to hunt or fish. Well.. Just talking to my parents and they are looking at a trip in two years to Hawaii*. we've never been there so it should be a great time. We normally dont go to touristy places like that to just lay around. We go to do things outside like fishing, hunting and stuff. I've been to Maine, Quebec, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, and Alaska. We dont mess around and sit on the beach to get burned. This is no different. the first thing my dad researched is game to hunt. They are called Axis deer and theres a crapload of them on one of the islands. The reason they let people hunt them is because.. well.. its an island. theres only so much food and space for them and they easily get out of control. to the point that there is literally no food for any of them. Well im gonna do my part to manage and conserve the wild resources the best i can.

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  1. I would have never thought you could hunt in Hawaii. We can sleep when we're dead, your trips sound like the best kind of trips; ADVENTURE!