Sunday, October 25, 2009


I went home on wednesday after class. To get some stuff done at my house and then get into the stand for an evening hunt. I saw three doe but let them go because im waiting for a buck. I stopped in to a few parties after dark. You know the crazy Wednesday night parties everyone talks about. not. I was going to go out hunting before my 12:15 English on thursday. turns out i didnt wake up in time so i slept in. I thought i set my alarm but really turned it off instead. So i woke up precisely at 11 am. Now i live one hour and twenty minutes away from school on a good day so i figured im screwed since i still had to do some crap fore i left. I took litterally a 20 second shower, folded laundry, packed up, let my dogs outside and hopped in my subaru. I dropped my crap off at my dorm and ripped over to D lot and still made it to class on time. Amazing right, I figured it was worth blogging about since not much else goes on.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Watchin the Phillies

So im sitting here typing a blog about i dont know what. I am in my dorm room with my roommate watching the Phillies take it to the Rockies. I m not that into baseball, im more of a hockey kinda guy. Just how i was brought up i guess, no one in my family likes baseball so neither do I. I always find myself comparing baseball to sports like ice hockey, football, lacrosse- sports that are fun to play and watch. These sports are a lot more challenging to play, more physical, and for the most part, you cant chew tobacco and have a huge-ass beer gut and still be good. Yes i hear the same arguement from everyone, "its soo hard to hit the baseball going 90+ mph, it hurts sooo much when you get hit." OK so basically to be a good player you have to have one skill, hit the ball. Pitching- ok they are the only ones doing anything out there. Where as football, hockey, lacrosse, it actually takes multiple skills to be successful, oh yea and there IS physical contact. Baseball player gets a scratch or hurts his finger and hes out for weeks. In hockey you break your nose and they stitch you up on the bench and you play your next shift. Now even though i rip baseball up pretty good, that doesnt mean that i could do it at pro level. But it does mean that compared to other pro athletes, pro baseballers are generally wussies. Another thing that kills me is a few years ago, ESPN showed NHL hockey on a regular basis. Now those fools would rather talk about how Pedro Martinez bought food at the grocery store before spring training than the GAME 7 of the Stanely Cup Finals. That pisses me off! Now i forget what i wanted to actually talk about but this was good too.