Wednesday, December 9, 2009

last frickin week

Yup its the last week of school. Gotta love it right? I did not expect it to fly by this fast but here I am. Cant wait for break. I got a ride-along type internship lined up with the USDA wildlife services. I rode along with a wildlife tech. from the USDA this summer on the Naval Base on 611 and absolutely loved it. I think its what i want to do after I graduate. Its a lot of fun and just a good group of guys to work with. Also muzzleloader starts the day after Christmas which im pumped for. Not lookin forward to finals tooo much though, but I've only got one that Im thinking I wont pass. Chemistry with "VENKI"-sucks, Thursday NIGHT, 6:15-9:30!!! I dont know if the class actually goes that long cuz i tend to slip out of there around 7.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


I had a very relaxing thanksgiving. Too relaxing, im not used to laying around doing absolutely nothing for days. We went out to Cambria county. east of Pittsburgh to my grandparents house on a dairy farm. Besides farming, hunting, and off roading, theres not a whole lot to do. So i went hunting for small game. Weather didnt cooperate but i still had fun. I helped out on the farm, bottle feeding calves- SUCKS. sometimes you have to force-feed them by stradling them and backing them into a corner so they cant escape, other times they will run you over to get at the bottle. Lots of fun

bear hunting

After my 8am on monday i skipped town to head to schuylkill county aka bear country-sort of. There are bears up there just not a ton of em but they get a few where we went every year. Bear season is three days long so you dont have too much time to get out. thats why you gotta make time! I went out with my buddy tuesday and wednesday. it rained both days and was just shitty. Since bears dont move to much in the rain on thier own, you have to walk around in the thick brush to try and kick one up. Thats the idea anyway. We walked almost the entire day both days, just stopped for lunch. It was very rough because we are on mountains pushing our way through the thickest shit we can find, cuz thats where they like to hide. We figured we walked a total of over 25 miles in two days from my buddys GPS-which by the way if we didnt have one we would not have found our way back to the truck on the second day. The area we hunted was beautiful. Wieser State forest. A few thousand acres that bump up next to state game lands- another couple hundred acres. It felt like we were hunting out west-AWESOME even though we didnt see anything cept a few deer and squirrels