Wednesday, December 9, 2009

last frickin week

Yup its the last week of school. Gotta love it right? I did not expect it to fly by this fast but here I am. Cant wait for break. I got a ride-along type internship lined up with the USDA wildlife services. I rode along with a wildlife tech. from the USDA this summer on the Naval Base on 611 and absolutely loved it. I think its what i want to do after I graduate. Its a lot of fun and just a good group of guys to work with. Also muzzleloader starts the day after Christmas which im pumped for. Not lookin forward to finals tooo much though, but I've only got one that Im thinking I wont pass. Chemistry with "VENKI"-sucks, Thursday NIGHT, 6:15-9:30!!! I dont know if the class actually goes that long cuz i tend to slip out of there around 7.

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