Tuesday, November 10, 2009

pain in my ass

So im trying to stay ahead of the game by getting my schedule together now. I got some Ag classes that were not AP that transfer (or supposed to transfer) Del Val. I sent the paper work in over the summer to the registrar, thinking how could they possibly EFF this up. Well they found a way beleive it or not. Now this paper that says everything about my classes and transfer credits is on DEL VAL letterhead. Thats because they sent it to me, not the other way around. Then i go to the office to check and make sure everythings good and suddenly theres a problem! Since then Ive been there four other times and just today they realized theyre a bunch of dipwads. Anyway, I feel much better now. Im looking forward to Thanksgiving break.


  1. Fun times, I often think of the dvc admin components as frustrating as all get out.

  2. Same thing here.. I sent my health forms in way in the beginning of June and when im ready to register for my classes theres supposedly a hold on my account bc they dont have my forms. And then suddenly after a week of going back and forth they magically appeared and I got no "Oh sorry Briana for the inconvience" or "we apologize for losing your forms"

  3. i actually found DVC's scheduling process to be rather smooth compared to other colleges I've gone to, I like that they required you to go to your advisor but pheeeew a huge weight was lifted off my chest today once i got my classes scheduled